Manuscript submission guidelines

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Please do not send your manuscript without contacting us first.  Use the comment block below to contact us or send an email to 


In your email please include  the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Title of your manuscript
  • One paragraph summary of the work

Before submitting an inquiry, please review the information below to assure your manuscript lines up with our publishing interests.

MD Books USA is particularly interested in:

  • Any manuscript written by a physician or other health professional, fiction or consumer non-fiction
  • Certain manuscripts by non-health professionals, but relevant to the medical field
  • Other manuscripts of outstanding merit

Genres in which we are interested

  • Stories of achievement, success, or overcoming
  • Fictionalized accounts of medical situations
  • Medical mysteries of merit
  • Spiritual and faith-related books
  • Consumer manuals on health topics
  • Books for health professionals other than textbooks

Genres in which we are NOT interested

  • Vampires, new age, withcraft, atheism
  • Murder mysteries (unless they are elevating or uplifting)
  • Books containing adult language, gratuitous violence, promiscuity
  • Medical textbooks