Frustrated and ready to give up?

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Frustrated and ready to give up?  Perhaps that’s why you’re here.

Already you’ve spent months, perhaps years, on your manuscript.  Finally, time for publication!  What fun!

But the agents you’ve approached were lukewarm at best.  One rejection follows another and you’re not quite sure why.  Is it the market?  Is it your writing?  Is your topic unmarketable?

You decide to stick with your day job.  Who has time to chase from agent to agent and publisher to publisher?  It almost seems sinful, spending time on a fruitless endeavor when you could be helping people at your day job.

I know.  I’ve been there.  Sure there are young authors willing to play the game.  There’s nothing wrong with traditional publishing – in fact, it’s great!  I have a wonderful editor, a first-rate publisher, a great publicist, and a like-minded agent who’s become a dear friend.  Why, then, did I establish a new publishing venue aimed at the health professional?

As a fellow primary care physician I know how busy you are.  And your job is important (perhaps more important than your beloved manuscript).  Your time, especially, is valuable.  No doubt the hours spent on your manuscript could buy you a trip around the world, if you’d been paid for them.

But still, you’d like to get the word out, have your voice heard beyond the confines of your medical office. 

And that’s why we’re here.

We have nothing against traditional publishing.  In fact, we’ll help you find a traditional publisher if your work is marketable to the mainstream publishing industry.

And we are not a vanity press.  We won’t ask you to pay to publish your work. 

But neither are we looking to publish schlock nor works that cannot be sold. 

If your manuscript is in terrible shape and needs significant work, we’ll tell you so.  If the timing of your topic is out of sync with the publishing world, we’ll explain that as well.  If you have a niche product that appeals to only a small audience, we’ll help you work in that direction.

Working with you, to achieve your goals, is our aim.  That may be different from author to author.  Maybe you just want to reach patients with a particular problem. 

Whatever your goal may be, we’ll work with you to achieve an innovative solution.  You’ll be involved every step of the way.  Visit our Publishing Options page to learn about the exciting  possibilities.


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